"The Voice of the South"

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 Whose Gonna Fill their Shoes Vol. I Tribute album
  •  Whose Gonna Fill their Shoes Vol. I Tribute album

Whose Gonna Fill their Shoes Vol. I Tribute album

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Order my new tribute album, "Whose Gonna Fill Their Shoes". Price is $12 for the cd and $3 for shipping and handling.

Ben Coulter

As country music evolves, many new artists often find themselves pigeon-holed as new country, alternative country, or country rock. Ben Coulter does not have that problem. Ben Coulter IS country. 

Whether it’s a tender ballad sung directly from the heart to the woman of his affections, or a sleeves-rolled-up, prideful ode to his Southern roots, the warmth and richness in Ben Coulter’s soulful serenades have earned him the moniker “The Voice of the South” and comparisons to a young George Strait.

Since 2004 Coulter has been living the life of an old-school troubadour, often performing over 150 shows a year. He has also released ten albums.

Originally hailing from the tiny whistle stop of Montrose, Arkansas, Coulter has taken his “Country Music…Delta Style” show from Chicago, IL to the legendary stage of the Louisiana Hayride, and points all across the South and Midwest.

The road to success is not always measured by how quickly you can get from point A to point B. For Ben Coulter the journey has been the reward, helping create his signature sound that blends delta blues with traditional country.

Read the rest Ben's bio here www.bencoulteronline.com/biography

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